• RE-ENTRY: A strict policy of No Re-entry is always to be expected. In the event that LIMITED Re-Entry is to be offered - notice will be posted in a public fashion AT THE RE-ENTRY SITE.

  • CAMERAS: Professional Cameras are not permitted without a a Photo Pass. Mobile Phone cameras may be used with proper courtesy and discretion.

  • SMOKING/VAPING: All of our Venues prohibit smoking and all forms of vaping anywhere on campus - including inside your vehicle.

  • OUTSIDE FOOD/DRINK: No outside beverages and/or food products are permitted.

  • CANCELLATIONS/SET TIMES: All performances are rain or shine. All schedules are subject to change without notice. 

  • SAFETY/NUISANCE: No laser pointers, weapons, or selfie sticks are permitted.

  • DRESS: Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times. 

  • PETS: With the exception of documented Service Animals, pets are not permitted.

​Outside the venue

  • PARKING LOT: "Hanging Out" is never permitted.

    • You are in your vehicle entering the lot/parking your vehicle;

    • You are walking to/from the venue; or

    • You are in your vehicle departing the lot.


    • Bags that can be categorized as a "pocketbook" or a "satchel" are permitted.
    • All other bags - specifically, backpacks and coolers, are not permitted.
  • NO COAT CHECK: Please keep in mind that your belongings will be with you. 
  • NEVER PERMITTED: Under no circumstances are the following items allowed into the venue:
    • No Firearms 
    • No Other Weapons (this includes small pocket knives, utility knives & razor blades)
    • No Use of Tobacco, Tobacco Products, or Tobacco-Simulating Products
    • No Use of Vape-related Paraphernalia
    • No Outside Food and/or Beverages
    • No Markers
    • No Stickers
    • No Flashlights or Laser Pointers
    • No Masks (Bandanas may not be worn over your face)
    • No Drugs or Paraphernalia
      • Prescriptions Drugs will not be allowed into the venue unless they are in a prescription bottle. The ID of the person holding the prescription must match the name on the bottle.

NOTICE: Neither Real Life Products, Inc., its hired performers, nor its rented venues are responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen items.  

Image of Elkton HS Parking Scheme


​​May I bring a camera? 

Professional Cameras (anything that is larger than the palm of your hand and/or has detachable lenses) are not permitted without a Photo Pass (Press, Staff, etc.). 

May I use my cell phone for stills/video? 

Cell phone use during concerts is a hot-button issue for most concertgoers. If our Artist announces - via an official posting or via Public Address during the concert - that mobile devices are to be disallowed, we must support the Artist's decision. Otherwise, please be respectful of those around you. 

Our view on cell phone use: We get it. We like to take some pictures and video at concerts as well. Here's the catch, though. Don't miss the show that you paid for right in front of you!

parking: Elkton HS

There is ample parking at EHS - including Accessible spaces. Linked image below.

Does the ENTRY road jam post-show?
TWO exits will be open:

  1. James Street O/B - TURN LEFT onto Newark Ave toward I-95  & DE.
  2. Gilpin Ave. onto Newark Ave. O/B- TURN RIGHT onto Newark Ave toward MD Rte 213/Bridge St & beyond to MD Rte 40/Pulaski Hwy.

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good behavior = happy venue owners = more shows

PARKING: perryville HS

There is ample parking at PHS - including Accessible spaces.

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